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BOHODUKHIV: a History of Town
In the description of boundary sentry posts of a 1571 here is mentioned Dyakiv Ostroh. As date of emerging of city consider a 1662, when here on a constant residence of the profit because of Dniepers 1204 Ukrainians led by otaman Tymothy Krysa. In Bohodukhiv region there is a village, which has it's name. Among arrived people there was 33 townspeople, the rest part were peasants. By receiving the help from russian government, they built dwelling, and also rather strong in that time solidifying. In a 1668 cossaks resolutely have beaten off large Crimean tatars group.

Much shining Northern war in 1708-1709 years has brought to the city dwellers. The swedes have plundered many enclosing  villages. Acting against an enemy, the local population organized partizan groups.

The economic development Bohodukhiv was promoted it by a favourable geographical position - here passed a large path, which connected large cities Kharkiv and Okhtyrka. With 1681 for a 1765 Bohodukhiv was hundreds centre of the Okhtyrka cossak shelf.

Chief business of the population was agriculture. Also developed different crafts.

The significant social-economic modifications have taken place in Bohodukhiv in an extremity XVIII and in the beginning XIX centuries.

Population grew rather fast. 6154 persons lived at a 1787 in Bohodukhiv - then already important city Kharkiv guberny -. In the beginning XIX centuries here were totalled 3959 inhabitants only of man's kind, handicraftsmen and other townspeople.

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